3 Content Marketing Lessons from Cat Breading on Instagram

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Are you looking for Instagram content marketing ideas for your brand? We serve you up some purrrrfect strategies from catbreading on Instagram.

If you’re a marketer looking for social media strategies and content ideas to blast out to your followers on Instagram there are a few marketing lessons you should take from one of the most absurd and unusual of suspects, “catbreading”. The bizarre internet meme, Cat Breading, which involves publishing pictures of cats with bread around their heads, has been around for about a year, but the Instagram account catbreading has kept the tradition alive and well-much to the dismay of pussy cats everywhere.

At 8,810 followers strong and generating an average of about 400 likes per picture, catbreading proves that reaching for the unconventional extremes will help you stand out in a market flooded by typical “copy cats”. We all know what the “BIG” brands are doing, but if you seek to be remarkably different I invite you to read on:

1. Shoot for the edge


(Caption: “twice the breading for the same low price”)

 What will it take for your brand to stand out from the thousands of inspirational quotes, food porn, and sunset photos uploaded to Instagram by the second? Despite catbreading’s surface level brainlessness, these feline images command your absolute attention, and spike your emotions in unforgettable ways. It’s what great advertising has always done. After all, you wouldn’t consider Old Spice commercials typical, would you? At its core catbreading also shares a common thread with these ads: personality.

You achieve this personality by shooting for the edge. Creating content so unexpected, so novel, that viewers can’t help to but absolutely love or hate what you release. This doesn’t mean you have to start wrapping baguettes around your employees’ faces to get some attention, but let’s face it, that’s probably more interesting than what your company is currently publishing on Instagram these days. If you can follow catbreading’s example and add a little more oddity to your content recipe you’ll already be two steps ahead of your competitors.

2.  Proactively interact


(Caption: “wheated cat contemplates wheat”)

It’s no coincidence that catbreading has more than 3 times as many followers (8,810 as of Apr. 14, 2013) than Intel on Instagram (2,323 Followers as of Apr. 14, 2013). Like any good feline predator catbreading doesn’t wait for the followers to trickle in one by one, this account is always actively on the hunt for new breaders.

The account manager searches for relevant hashtags and images, and then grabs your attention by one or both of these actions: either liking your photo, or commenting on it. That way, Instagram will alert you via its news section that “catbreading liked your photo”. It’s the first step in attracting a user’s attention, and if your content is compelling enough it’s likely a user will want to follow you after browsing your feed.

Try interacting with users via the search section of Instagram through hashtags relevant to your industry or content. Here are just a few hashtags that catbreading uses to find new breaders: #cats, #cats, #cat, #catbreading, #humor, #catsofinstagram, #picsoftheday, #tabbycat, #instamood, #ilovemycat, #weird, #instadaily, #ilovemypet, #catlovers, #catstagram, #pet, #kitty, #meow, #followme.

3. Add variety


(Caption: “dogpancaking”)

Would you feed your kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day?  No! Sure, this would involve criminal levels of child negligence, but more importantly such a diet would probably bore your children to death first. And much like nutrition, your content must excite your followers’ senses.

It’s exactly what catbreading serves you up on a daily basis. Varied content such as breaded turtles, Easter themed cat breadings, and even the occasional “tortillaing”, go to show that there are always clever ways to excite your fans-whilst still annoying your pets in the process. Don’t become a cliché of your own posts and add some variety to your content calendar.

We’ve breaded your mind with talks of wheated cats and pancaked pets, now it’s your turn to share. Let us know who you think is doing Instagram right in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

rob                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Robert Rosales is a social media marketer, writer, and strategist based in San Diego, CA. He is also a proud member of the startup Businessfriend-the site where social networking leads to productivity. Follow his shenanigans and glorious adventures on Twitter, @RobiRiot, or stalk him on Facebook, if you prefer.


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