The No Non-Sense Way To Get More Twitter Followers Now!

Follow these accounts and you are guaranteed to grow your following on twitter.

Note: This post was originally published in Technology-Digital on November 4, 2011. These tips are still applicable today.

Attention! If you want to ignore my fluff and marketing explanations feel free to “CLICK HERE”. It will link you to a list of twitter users that are guaranteed to follow you back!

Sometimes a street performer needs to throw a few pennies in the hat for the crowds to get the big picture: ‘I play music for money people! So drop some dollar bills in the hat, guy!’ Now this post has absolutely nothing to do with playing ‘Free-Bird’ on your guitar in the subway  to pay for your next meal.

However, if you’ve just created a twitter account for your brand it’s a good idea to have a decent number of followers to make your brand look follower worthy to new visitors. It’s just like having a few pennies in the hat. It’s called social proof in sociology, actually. And If people see that your account has a few hundred followers, then it must be worth following, right?

Exactly, by already having a few followers in the ‘hat’ you are sub-communicating at a psychological level that your brand has some worth. People like to attach themselves to #winning content (like your brand’s of course!) and follow count is one way users asses, at an instant, your brand’s awesomeness.

Marketers like Rory Sutherland and Dan Zarella have gone into greater depths on the subject of social proof and other consumer behavioral phenomenons.  Rory Sutherland once said two interesting things about advertising, “dare to be naïve, and dare to think trivial”. Initial follow count is just one trivial factor you need to consider for your corporate Twitter marketing strategy.

So you’re probably asking yourself,” I’ve just read four paragraphs that illustrate how important having a few followers from the get-go is, but no real answers!” Take it easy, I have the solution for you bellow.

Follow these accounts from this list to give your Twitter account and extra boost of followers:


Note: This is a group of power Twitter users who have been statistically proven to follow you back. I ran across this list after doing research on, you guessed it, “no bullshit way to get more twitter followers now!”. Awww the golden gems of research…


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